Do you or your friends ever give “gag gifts” like this to make people uncomfortable?

↓ Transcript

[ Panel 1 ]

AUTUMN: These were the PERFECT gifts! THANK YOU GUYS! Now open your gifts!

:: Super enthralled about her gifts, Autumn is squeezing the hell out of a Reeder Rabbit plushie. ::

[ Panel 2 ]

CADENCE: Oh thanks… Autumn… this is… cute… but, I um… I don’t have anyone to wear this for…

:: She’s holding up sexy heart lingerie and doesn’t look particularly excited about it. ::

[ Panel 3 ]

AUTMN: Don’t be JEALOUS Joey… I got you SOMETHING too.

Open yours hon.

:: Joseph has hearts in his eyes as he pervs over Cadence’s gift. ::

[ Panel 4 ]

:: Joseph opens his present to find a FAIL WHALE thong. Cadence and Autumn are giggling at his embarrassment in the background. ::